foi oi oi & What the Bleep

    A tag team duo locally sourced from Columbus, Ohio, foi oi oi and What the Bleep are two selectors spicing up the dance. With their roots marinated in the jungle, their flavor includes a spread of multi-cultural bass-heavy genres. They energetically work turntables while rapidly adventuring through a palette of sounds. The menu today includes a cornucopia of rhythm— bass notes smoked slow and low until tender, a side of chopped breakbeats curried with an herb garnish, finished off with rich vocals. The aim of the "foibleep experience" is to serve a full-bodied blend of organic beats and positive vibes by using only the finest ingredients.

    Around the world in 44 tracks, Feelings for Detroit Volume 9: Number One encapsulates and unites the many rhythms of our Earth. The story begins with two children hammering away at a xylophone in an open field, creating their orchestral masterpiece. Their percussive patterns evolve, just as the foreseen world, from the natural to the digital and fly you through the Ivory Coast, Australia, Detroit, UK, Argentina, South Africa, Brazil, Ghana, Israel, Jamaica, India, Outer Space, Da Club, Japan, and Cuba. Let foibleep show you the world, from wonder to wonder; over, sideways, and under, on a multi-culti journey.

    Feelings for Detroit Vol. 9: Number One


  1. Intro
  2. Disrupt - Arcade Addict
  3. Filastine feat. Wire MC & ECD - Hungry Ghosts
  4. Antonio Mendez and Jonah Baseball - Slide In (Yah)
  5. Hot SOAP feat. Werd2Jah - Big Toon (Vocal Edit)
  6. Fellow - Junction
  7. Mark Pritchard - Lock Off
  8. >>Chancha Vía Circuito - Prima
  9. Clap! Clap! - The Holy Cave
  10. Prince Koloni - Luku A Meisje (Uproot Andy & Geko Jones Remix)
  11. John Wizards - LEUK
  12. DJ Khalab feat. Clap! Clap! - Tiende!
  13. So Shifty & Milangeles - Dembele
  14. Maga Bo feat. MC Zulu - Immigrant Visa Part II (Buguinha Adubada Remix)
  15. Romare - I Wanna Go (Turn Back)
  16. Jumping Back Slash - Number One Big Big
  17. Weedo - Primate
  18. Reggie Stepper - Cu Oonuh (Schlachthofbronx Edit)
  19. Prince Fatty feat. Hollie Cook - For Me You Are (Mungo's Hi-Fi Mix)
  20. Shelly Thunder - Kuff (Wellwellsound Remix)
  21. Andre 'Suku' Gray - Sign Rhythm
  22. DJ Vadim - Bally Umar
  23. Xanga - Mi Gusta Mi Cuica
  24. Jahcoozi - Black Barbie (Modeselektor Remix)
  25. DMX Krew - Thrilling
  26. Harmonic 313 - Word Problems
  27. Monkey Marc - Danger Earth
  28. Thelem - Forces Of Nature
  29. Darkhouse Family - Brockwild
  30. Skeptical - Delusions Of Grandeur
  31. Dub Phizix & Strategy - Bounce
  32. Al Dobson Jr. - Rain Down
  33. İskeletor - Gossamer Web
  34. Aten Rays - Come With Me
  35. Darkhouse Family - Elephant Large
  36. Flako - Kuku
  37. foi oi oi - Feelings For The Golden Gun Vol. 666
  38. Swindle - Walter's Call
  39. Cause & Affect - Ironside
  40. Major Lazer - Mash Up The Dance (Mungo's Hi Fi Remix)
  41. Yosi Horikawa - Kingdom Of Frogs
  42. Anchorsong - Mawa
  43. Deadbeat - 7th And 33rd
  44. Mala - Cuba Electronic
  45. Jamie xx - Gosh

    // Art by C. Trimmer & B. Scavo //

    // Design by Big Tings Design //

    // Special thanks to Scott (Labelless Records) //